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These Are The Last Rats Available

I am closing my rodentry, due to ongoing chronic health issues; its been a wonderful experience, but after a long time of reflection, I will no longer be breeding rats. My lines will be taken on by KaiZen Rodetry in Denver, Colorado. Thank you all for your understanding.

Please read the About page for adoption information before you submit an application. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have!

Available for Adoption: Text
Rats 4 sale Marc 24 4.jpeg


$100 Hairless Female

This special girl is blind in her right eye due to an accident she had as a baby. She is so incredibly sweet and runs to you for attention, wanting to be picked up! Tabitha can be timid due to the blindness in her eye, so she would do best with adult owners. Despite her partial blindness, she is quite a happy, snugly girl!


$65 Hooded B&W Female

Luella is always eager to be held and loves attention and cuddles. She will be the first girl to greet you and has the most lovely, cheerful personality!

Rats 4 sale Marc 24 3.jpeg
Rats 4 sale Marc 24.jpeg


$100 Hairless Female

She is a great candidate to teach tricks to! Very bold, playful 24/7 and has a wonderful mind of her own! Mia is very outgoing and wants to explore more than she's interested in cuddles, but she'll keep you entertained with her hilarious antics. (And once she's done exploring, she'll most likely come hang with you, interested in whatever you're doing.)


$65 Black Self

This beautiful ebony furred lady will want all your cuddles and attention! She may not be as bold as some of her sisters at first, but Beryl is a proper little lady.



$100 Hairless Female

Don't let the picture fool you, this baby is just an all around Good Girl. She is happy to get attention and pets, but also just as happy to play with her sisters and explore during playtime.


$100 Hairless Female

This hairless girl is a little sweetheart, she loves to play with her sisters and follows their lead! She’ll make a wonderful addition to your mischief, Adelia is polite and eager to be everyone's friend.

Available for Adoption: Females
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